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Enable Automated Self-Service with vRealize Automation and Puppet

Editor’s Note: You may have heard about the new Puppet Plugin for vRealize Automation announced at PuppetConf this October from our previous blog. Today, we are pleased to hear from Puppet about the general availability of this new plugin. Read on more for details about how the latest integration can benefit our joint customers of vRealize Automation and Puppet.

By Lindsey Smith, Senior Product Manager at Puppet

At Puppet, most of our customers are on a path toward adopting DevOps practices and automation as a way of improving collaboration and deploying better software, faster. As part of their efforts to move faster and reduce hand-off times between development and operations teams, they are creating self-service solutions for their developers to request and immediately be provisioned with a fully configured set of infrastructure on demand.

That’s why we’ve worked with VMware to launch a new Puppet plugin for vRealize Automation (vRA) v2.0.0, available today on the VMware Solution Exchange. This plugin accelerates the delivery and operation of infrastructure by giving you a fully automated self-service provisioning workflow between vRealize Automation and Puppet. By leveraging Puppet’s massive base of existing management content, you can rapidly deliver fully-configured machines to your consumers. In some organizations, getting a new database server that is ready for production use can take up to 6 weeks. By combining vRealize Automation with Puppet, that 6 weeks can be shrunk down to 6 minutes.

With the integration, you can create blueprints for your virtual machines, using the graphical user interface in vRealize Automation. Building on your existing provisioning templates, the plugin adds automation for Puppet to configure your virtual machines, continually enforces your desired state and provides visibility into machines throughout their lifetime. We want to enable our mutual customers to be able to instantly deliver fully configured VMs to developers who request virtual infrastructure, and this new integration makes that process automated and repeatable.

puppet plugin for vrealize automation

Check out the new Puppet plugin for vRealize Automation today and let us know what you think.


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