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vROps Editions: Advanced

By Kyle Wassink

This is part of a blog series on VMware vRealize Operations Manager Editions. The series breaks down the key aspects and differentiators between the three vROps Editions (Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise), including the critical components of extensibility and customization. The primary source of extensibility in vRealize Operations comes from Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite, whose tiers align with the vROps editions.

This is the third blog of the series and will look at the core features of Advanced edition.

Key Features

Advanced edition vROps is the mid-level version of the product and adds key functionality. For example, the platform now has the ability to automatically failover in case of a node failure, ensuring that your monitoring is not interrupted. You can also monitor vSphere change and configuration information.

Perhaps the most noticeable “upgrade” from Standard, however, is the additional extensibility and customization that is available. With Advanced, you can now create your own dashboards, reports, and views for any resources you are monitoring. Optimize your troubleshooting workflow by creating specific dashboards that let you quickly dig through your resources and metrics.

You are also able to extend vROps monitoring with the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite (TVS) Advanced tier and Manager of Managers addon. With TVS Advanced, you can monitor everything from the Standard tier plus NetApp and Nimble storage, Cisco/F5 BIG-IP/Citrix/Lenovo networks, converged infrastructure hardware, and non-VMware hypervisor technologies. You also have the option to use the Manager of Managers packs which centralizes your monitoring in vROps by collecting data from platforms like Oracle Enterprise Manager, Microsoft SCOM, SolarWinds, and more.

Blue Medora true visibility suite

Figure 1: With vROps Advanced edition, you have the ability to gain insights into everything in Standard, plus NetApp, Nimble, networking packs, converged infrastructure packs, and hypervisor packs with the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite.

Most of the other features mentioned in the vROps Editions Overview post are also available in vROps Standard. This includes policy management, performance monitoring and analytics, and capacity management functionality.

Key Edition Differentiators

As mentioned above, the biggest differentiator from Standard is the customization and extensibility options. There are also a few features not included in the Advanced edition of vROps and require Enterprise edition. For example, you cannot monitor applications or databases and cannot monitor OS-level regulatory compliance.

vROps edition comparison

Figure 2: Some of the key differentiators between Advanced and the other tiers of vROps.

The final post in the series will cover the Enterprise tier!

Note: Blue Medora True Visibility Suite requires additional licensing.


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