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vRealize Code Stream – Integration Framework for Multi-Vendor Release Automation Tools

by Daniel Jonathan Valik

As we discussed in the last Code Stream blog post on pipeline automation, vRealize Code Stream automates the release delivery process by integrating with existing multi-vendor tools and customer’s processes.  Code Stream can work out of the box with a great variety of different development, test and operations tools.  In addition, Code Stream can work with several different repository managers like JFrogArtifactory or others. This Framework allows companies to leverage almost any of their existing tools, custom scripts, and process investments.

JFrog Artifactory
So, what is JFrog Artifactory in detail? Artifactory is a repository manager where you can store all your binary artifacts associated with each build.  In order to facilitate comprehensive artifact management. Artifactory integrates with a number of tools used in the development process.  These include some of the repository, source control and build/Continuous Integration systems shown below.  For a complete list of supported tools please refer to the Integration Matrix listed in this post.

Artifactory Integration Framework

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator is a general purpose workflow and run book automation tool that can be used to automate almost any task.  vRealize Orchestrator workflows can be invoked from various tasks within Code Stream pipelines.   Orchestrator allows customers to integrate with almost any software development, provisioning, or deployment tool, as well as storage, networking, security and many other management systems.  You can create custom workflows, invoke existing scripts, or leverage a library of VMware and partner developed Orchestrator workflows and plug-ins. They are available on the Cloud Management Marketplace of VMware’s Solutions Exchange.  The screen shot below contains an example of how to invoke a vRealize Orchestrator workflow from a Code Stream pipeline task.

vRealize Code Stream Task Config

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