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Cost Transparency into Your Cloud: vRealize Business for Cloud 7.2

For customers who are new to VMware vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC), it is a business tool designed for IT infrastructure and operation teams. Customers use vRBC to drive cost transparency into their cloud environment – private, public or hybrid.

As we talk with customers, it is clear that cost transparency is becoming increasingly important to IT operation teams. Often times I hear our customers saying things like:

I am under constant pressure to reduce IT cost. How can I get a good handle on where the money is actually being spent throughout the business?


“Number of CPUs” and “size of memory” don’t resonate with my business partners. How can I effectively articulate to them how IT spends money on their behalf?


I need to decide where to place the next workload across private and public cloud environments. How can I make decisions based on facts rather than emotions or perceptions?


Line-of-business tends to treat IT resources as free and unlimited. How can I change their mindsets and promote positive behaviors?


I am tired of debating with my business counterparts statements like “IT costs too much”. How can I provide them a granular look at redundancies and waste being driven by their decisions?

The ability to address these questions above all is based on having cost transparency. Driven by the growing needs for greater visibility and transparency, vRBC is designed to provide an easy on-ramp for IT organizations getting started with cloud cost and business management.

In a nutshell, vRBC delivers cloud costing, consumption metering, cloud comparison and planning capabilities with rapid time to value. Over the next several blogs, I will walk you through each of the key use cases listed below and explain in depth how vRBC can bring value to your IT organization across different scenarios.

  • Track the costs: Overview of Cloud operations and costs on a single pane of glass
  • Access usage and value: Cloud consumption metering and showback
  • Evaluate options: Cloud comparison
  • Optimize Resources: Cloud planning including understanding the reclamation opportunities
  • Better together: Integration among vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation and vRBC


vRealize Business for Cloud 7.2 is Now Generally Available

Today, the vRBC team is pleased to announce the release of vRealize Business for Cloud 7.2. Let’s take a quick look of the highlights.

  • Cloud Business Analysis Report: vRBC 7.2 offers a quick out of the box, detailed report assessing your private cloud spends.

cost transparency

  • Public Cloud Expansion – AWS: vRBC 7.2 supports the costing of all AWS regions and services, with any new services being recognized automatically when added. Leveraging the integration with the AWS Cloudwatch, vRBC further extends operational visibility into your activities on AWS.

To find out more about vRealize business for Cloud, check out vRBC 7.2 release notes and visit product page. Subscribe here to get more exclusive contents for vRBC.



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