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cloud management platform

Are you looking to deliver secure applications with blazing speed for your enterprise?  Applications are the lifeblood of the business in today’s digital economy.  Slow time to market can result in missed business opportunities, impacting revenue potential.  Download the new brochure to learn more how VMware vRealize (cloud management platform) and NSX (network virtualization) can help your business stand out from the competition.


Need for Automation and Intelligent Operations End-to-End

Our customers are increasingly deploying modern multi-tier applications into highly virtualized or cloud environments.  To do this, many IT organizations have tried to improve day-to-day operations for their development and QA teams by automating the delivery of infrastructure and application services. However, since most have not addressed network or security operations, faster provisioning of these services has only partially solved their businesses’ agility challenges.  Furthermore, with business success and brand reputation at stake, IT also must be prepared to continuously monitor ongoing operations to ensure quality of service and compliance.

VMware vRealize with NSX

Modern applications require a software-defined approach to their underlying infrastructure that gives businesses the speed, efficiency, and productivity needed to support ever-changing requirements.  Read the new brochure, which explores the integration between two VMware technologies: VMware vRealize (cloud management platform) and VMware NSX (network virtualization).  Together, these solutions help enterprises drive true business agility, by overcoming obstacles to speed application delivery and ensure quality of service.

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