The leading industry log management solution, vRealize Log Insight just got better with 4.0, launching later this year. Sign up here to be notified when it’s released. Log Insight 4.0 has a new, improved and re-designed user interface, offers enhanced alert management functionalities, and is natively built for and works seamlessly with vSphere, vRealize, and other VMware products.


Log Insight 4.0

VMware vRealize Log Insight delivers Intelligent Log Management for infrastructure and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Log Insight enables administrators to connect to everything in their environment, e.g., OS, apps, storage, network devices, providing a single location to collect, store, and analyze logs at scale. vRealize Log Insight 4.0 is coming and includes the following new features and much more.


Log Insight 4.0 New Features Include:

New Server Capabilities

· New Clarity UI

· vSphere 6.5 compatibility

· New Admin Alerts Management UI

· Octet-framing over TCP

· Public Installer APIs


New General UI Items

· DeviceID to name Aliasing

· New “field does not exist” filter

· New gauge chart

· New “blur” on session timeout




New Look – Clarity UI

New Log Insight 4.0 Clarity UI

The new vRealize Log Insight user interface uses a new, cleaner design based on the Clarity standard. Updated features include a new skin, a replacement of checkboxes by toggle switches, new Does Not Exist filter used to find events that do not contain some specified field, a new Gauge Chart visual display tool, and many more awesome new features.

New Admin Alert Management



A new Admin Alert Management tool and UI allows for a single interface to view and manage alerts. This includes the ability to share alerts and view historical alerts across time.  Additional alert capabilities include a new system notification for when Event Forwarder drops are detected, an updated Event Type alert that now supports a time range, and a new ability for users to subscribe to content pack alerts that allows for automated upgrading inline with the associated content packs.


New Gauge Chart


vRealize Log Insight 4.0 introduces a new Gauge Chart display visual tool. The new Gauge Chart allows users to quickly display aggregate log data into a speedometer like view to meter and measure the general status of systems and/or applications being monitored. The Gauge Chart is color-coded in red, yellow or green to provide additional performance context intuitively.


vRealize Log Insight comes with built-in knowledge and native support of vSphere and other VMware products, like VMware Horizon with View, vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation. Log Insight 4.0 is fully compatible with the new vSphere 6.5 release and will be able to start collecting and managing VMware logs intelligently from the get-go.


vRealize Intelligent Operations: Better together 

Log Insight integrates with vRealize Operations to bring unstructured and structured data together, for significantly enhanced end-to-end operations management. To gain the benefits of intelligent operations management for your entire data center, consider vRealize Operations (which provides strong integration with vRealize Log Insight). Get a free trial now.

To find out more about Log Insight, visit our Log Insight page.


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