Attention vRealize users! Are you utilizing your hybrid cloud management platform to the fullest extent?  If you want to find out how to maximize your vRealize investments,  sign up for one or more of these upcoming vRealize webcasts! Even if you can’t attend the webcasts live, you can still watch them on demand after they have aired.  Take a look below at the following topics to be covered in each vRealize webcast – you can register for whichever you’d like here:


October 19th – Getting More Out of VMware/vRealize Operations Manager: Turning Information Into Usable Graphics (Available On Demand!)

Data allows administrators to make educated decisions on performance, planning and optimization of the environment, but the problem many IT organizations face today is taking raw data points and putting them into a format that’s current, informative and automated. Join VMware expert Tom Didzbalis in this session and learn how to visualize the data collected by vRealize Operations Manager through the creation of dashboards, views and reports, so that you can make better decisions faster and more accurately.  We’ll also show you how to create super metrics and Custom XML interactions that are essential to taking your cloud performance and capacity analysis to the next level.


VMware Webcasts


You will review the following topics:

  • Recent improvements to vRealize Operations Manager reporting capabilities
  • The three main vehicles to visualize your data: Views, Reports & Dashboards
  • How to leverage the vRealize Operations Manager widget library to create custom dashboards
  • How to create & configure dashboards and assign data to the widgets
  • Advanced concepts around Super Metrics, XML editing and widget interaction

November 2nd – Getting More Out of VMware/VMware Integrated Openstack (VIO)

There are a lot of misconceptions around OpenStack integration with VMware, such as VMware and Openstack don’t mix. This session will dispel that myth and the other myths surrounding VMware and OpenStack integration. Join VMware expert Marcos Hernandez to discover which VMware technologies work in an OpenStack deployment. He will also demonstrate how you can deploy and use the VMware OpenStack distribution, as well as show you the OpenStack Horizon dashboard, and how the vRealize operations tools can aid in managing an OpenStack deployment.


We’ll cover the following topics:

  • The key VMware technologies that will enable you to achieve a successful OpenStack deployment
  • How to deploy VMware Integrated OpenStack on top of your VMware vSphere® and/or VMware NSX® infrastructure
  • The tools to effectively manage your OpenStack deployment

November 16th – Getting More Out of VMware: Going from VSOM (vROps STD) to vRealize Operations Advanced

Join VMware expert Jack White in this vRealize deep-dive session where he will review the process, new features, and configuration, when upgrading from vSphere Operations Manager Standard to Advanced. In addition to the license change, he will describe many additional features and products such as custom dashboards and reporting, enhanced capacity building, and the ability to pull data from inside a Guest OS through End Point Operations. You’ll also gain an understanding of log consolidation, troubleshooting and vRealize Infrastructure Navigator.


In this session, you will learn:

  • How to improve your ability to properly designate time allotted in committing projects as well as understanding capacity remaining scores!
  • Modifying vRealize Operations License
  • Additional Products at the Advanced Level
  • Customization of Dashboards and Reports at a high level
  • How Projects (What-If Scenarios) can affect Time Remaining and Capacity Remaining scores
  • The integration of VIN and Log Insight
  • End Point Operations for the collection additional metrics
  • High level view of additional policy items


November 30th – Getting More Out of VMware/Distributed Resource Management

VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) performs intelligent load balancing that improves performance while enforcing user-specified policies. In this session, VMware expert Matt Meyer will examine how to combine DRS and vRealize Operations Manager capabilities to deliver the most efficient compute platform for your virtual machines.


Join us on 11/30 to discover the following:

  • How to identify resource contention on your ESXi hosts
  • DRS load balancing, tuning, and optimization
  • How to configure DRS for CPU-bound environments and other specific use cases
  • How vRealize Operations Manager can better balance resources across clusters


December 14th – Getting More Out of VMware/Integrations with vRealize Automation

Join VMware Cloud Specialist David D’Entremont as he demonstrates how VMware vRealize solutions bring together automation and operations to deliver consistency and efficiency in your environment. Discover how configuring these solutions to share information expedites delivery and increases the quality of the services you provide.


We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Using vRealize Operations Manager to monitor vRealize Automation
  • Using Log Insight to consolidate logs from vRealize Automation
  • Showing workload health to consumers within the vRealize Automation interface
  • Using data from vRealize Operations Manager to run a reclamation process in vRealize Automation

Whether you’re interested in one or all of these topics, sign up for our Getting More Out of vRealize webcasts now and take advantage of all that vRealize has to offer!