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Complete Network Visibility with vRealize Network Insight

Looking for complete network visibility that includes both virtual and physical networking?  VMware has just released new feature demonstration videos for vRealize Network Insight.  In this first video the use case is based on optimization of network performance.  This includes both virtual and physical networks with 360 degree visibility.

Complete Network Visibility

This video focuses on the “Path and Topology” feature.  This feature combines virtual and physical topology which is presented in a unified, contextual view.  This view includes details of virtual machines and hosts as well as virtual network services provided by NSX.  Additionally, vRealize Network Insight exposes the physical layer across multiple networking vendors.  This allows complete, end to end analysis of network traffic. Another feature demonstrated is the ‘Time Machine’ which allows administrators to view the state and changes to the network at any time in the past.  In the demonstration, we show how this feature is used to identify how changes can impact traffic flow or create issues.

A lot of information is packed into this short video.  Be sure to bookmark it so you can review it again.  Better yet, subscribe to the VMware Cloud Management YouTube channel for additional vRealize Network Insight content!


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