VMware and Blue Medora are announcing the launch of the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite (TVS) Management Packs bundles for vRealize Operations to be available on September 1st, 2016 in Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, and Management Connectors editions.


Data Center infrastructure and virtualization operations management just got progressively better with a new and greatly enhanced offering from VMware and Blue Medora with the introduction of the Blue Medora TVS for vRealize Operations, management pack bundles. Blue Medora TVS extends VMware vRealize Operations to the broader heterogeneous data center and multi-cloud environments to give our users true analytical and enterprise-wide unified visibility.


These bundles offer a convenient, applicable, and flexible way for vRealize Operations customers to extend operations management, monitoring, and analytics far beyond vSphere to include multi-vendor infrastructure and applications. These extensions include servers, storage, networking, databases, and applications. Customers now have the option of picking the True Visibility Suite most applicable to their needs, and can use any or all of the management packs within the suite, without requiring individual licenses, or line item SKU’s to purchase. These options include the following:

  • Standard: includes multi-vendor compute and EMC storage
  • Advanced: includes multi-vendor compute, storage, networking, converged systems and other hypervisors
  • Enterprise: includes everything in Advanced plus connectors to other management tools and enterprise applications, databases and middleware
  • Management Connectors: Covering the importing of monitored and collected data from leading third party data center operations tools

vRealize Operations - Blue Medora True Visibility Suite (TVS) editions

The TVS bundles include the complete Blue Medora inventory of management packs. There are more than 30 such management packs in various bundles. All the Blue Medora TVS for vRealize Operations management pack bundles can be found on VMware’s Cloud Management Solution Exchange page.

VMware Solution Exchange BM TVS 1

VMware Solution Exchange BM TVS 2


Check out our new video recapping the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations.

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  1. This is fantastic, now any organisation with vRealize Operations, can add a True Visibility Suite to their platform to enhance it and extend the already excellent features and capabilities of vRealize Operations.

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