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Top Three Reasons to Attend the Cloud Management Spotlight at VMworld Las Vegas

The Cloud Management spotlight will take place on Monday, August 29th, at 5:30 pm. Not the best timeslot, you may be thinking? Think twice! We promise to make you happy even before the happy hour. See below for details.

Let me give you my top three reasons to attend the cloud management spotlight, and then judge for yourself.

(editor’s note: To register, go to the VMworld Content Calendar, search for Ajay Singh, login and signup. The title is: VMs, Containers, and Mega-Clouds: Connecting the Dots [MGT10599-S] ).

  1. View the view from Ajay’s office! And it’s not just Palo Alto hills…

Ajay Singh, the GM of the cloud management business unit, will share his vision and strategy for the Cloud Management Business Unit. He will focus on a number of areas, mainly the modernization of IT and what it means to those responsible for providing all these new infrastructure options, including Containers, OpenStack, and Virtualized Networks, to all your audiences – from Dev/QA teams, to internal users, to customers and partners.

cloud management spotlight

  1. Hear from those who “Walk the Walk”

It’s not every day that you can hear live from our top customers as they tell the story of their cloud journey, and the requirements for the future. One of them, a major global telco with 300M+ customers, will talk about their vision of “the new DevOps”. Another one, one of the key US government contractors, will talk about virtual networking and how it changes the game, and hence their needs for management.

  1. Demo is king! Two demos are two kings…

We will actually show you what we are talking about. See in-depth demos of some of the new exciting technology coming your way: Containers provisioning automation, and deep virtual networking analytics.

  1. I know I said “three reasons” – glad that you have been paying attention… But:

But I also said “top three reasons”, which implies that there are more. One of them is in a true Las Vegas spirit:

Since we are so close to the Happy Hour and the party, we wanted to make you happy even sooner! So, we will raffle out Amazon (yes, the “bookseller”) $500 gift cards!  Come test your luck.

And finally, on your way out make sure to pick up your print copy of this new amazing book on cloud management


Make sure you register in advance, though. The space is limited and fills up fast!


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