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Get Smart Today, Read the Dummies Guide to Cloud Management Platform

Get Smart to the Ways of the Cloud Management Platform

Dummies Guide to Cloud Management Platform
Dummies Guide to Cloud Management Platform

In the digital era, enterprise IT organizations are compelled to march at a much faster clip. Instead of strolling to the steady drumbeat of the self-contained data center, digitization dictates a relentless pace for IT managers—who are now expected to maintain hybrid cloud infrastructures and modern application environments.
Without the right tools, keeping up with business demands can be taxing and complicated. Organizations that continue to use manual, hardware-based infrastructure and application delivery are bound to fall behind. But the equalizer can be a cloud management platform (CMP), a unified platform for managing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments in conjunction with conventional and modern application architectures.
At its core, a CMP is designed to help you automate and better manage IT operations. So it makes sense that learning the ins and outs of CMP implementation should be made as uncomplicated as possible.

That’s the goal of the new VMware publication “Cloud Management For Dummies.”

Download your copy today to get started on your CMP journey!
Use the guide to first learn the basics of CMP, followed by a deeper dive into the features and benefits of an enterprise CMP, best practices for getting started, the advantages of the market-leading VMware CMP–VMware vRealize® Suite–and top use cases for CMPs.
Contrary to the title, implementing a CMP is a smart call. Our objective is to give you a better understanding of CMPs and how vRealize Suite is the ideal solution for helping you navigate the challenges of the hybrid cloud era.

In addition to “Cloud Management For Dummies,” you’re invited to learn more by visiting the vRealize Suite website
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