vRealize Suite Standard: Simplify IT Operations

vRealize Suite Standard

With vRealize Suite Standard, IT organizations of all sizes can boost performance and avoid business disruption. And become more efficient with comprehensive visibility across applications and infrastructure. All in one place.

Traditional operations management systems do not meet the requirements of today’s virtual and cloud infrastructure. IT is reactive because they lack the intelligence to aggregate, correlate, and analyze metrics across applications and infrastructure stacks. The key operations management component is vRealize Operations.

See how you can convert your IT nightmares into stuff of IT Dreams with our new vRealize Suite infographic.

What vRealize Operations Does

Intelligent IT Operations

Maximize capacity utilization and enable optimum performance and availability of applications and infrastructures across vSphere, Hyper-V, Amazon, and physical hardware. Proactively identify and solve emerging issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts. Manage capacity and resolve resource contention with intelligent workload placement.

Unified IT Management

Gain comprehensive visibility in one place and across applications, storage, and network devices with an open and extensible platform supported by third-party management packs for solutions from Microsoft, SAP, and other hardware and software providers.

Policy Based Automation

Increase efficiency by streamlining key IT processes with out-of-the-box and customizable policies. Optimize performance, capacity and compliance while retaining full control.

vRealize Suite Standard InfographicKey Benefits of vRealize Suite Standard

  • Capacity Management
  • Performance and Troubleshooting From apps to infrastructure
  • Across physical, virtual and cloud
  • Capacity reclamation, opimtization and planning
  • Workload placement
  • Infrastructure costs, metering and consumption
  • Health, performance and troubleshooting
  • Real-time log analytics for root-cause analysis
  • Application dependency mapping
  • Storage and network visibility
  • OS, Database, Middleware and Application Monitoring
  • Open and Extensible Platform

Wake up to vRealize Suite Standard and take your first step towards a cloud management platform.

What is Delivered

vRealize Suite Standard helps companies with Intelligent Operations to proactively address health, performance and capacity management of IT services across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments in order to improve efficiency, performance and availability.

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