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VMware Software Defined Data Center and vRealize Suite Management Transform IT at CNRA

by Rich Bourdeau

CNRAThe California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) is made up of 33 different organizations chartered with protecting and managing the historical and natural resources of California.  In the past each organization had their own independent IT shop.  Over the past few years, CNRA has been on a journey to unify IT operations in order to leverage economies of scale and become an better business enabler to their different departments.  To do this the leveraged VMware’s Software Defined Services so that Infrastructure and applications could be delivered much quicker to the business.  The also wanted to leverage hybrid cloud resources in order scale their infrastructure more cost effectively to meet peak usage periods.

Securing a Multi-Tenant Cloud Environment
Deploying a private cloud allowed the California Natural Resources Agency to meet the time to market needs more effectively and efficiently.  However, many of these applications are mission critical to the operation of the state’s business.  Not only did they have to worry about isolation between the different agencies, they needed to implement security necessary to protect sensitive information yet allow access to authorized users.  VMware NSX allows them to  to configure network and security services dynamically to meet the unique needs of each business.  Leveraging vRealize Automation, these services are configured to meet each business’s requirements and can also be customized to the specific needs of each application. vRealize Automation enforces consistency and reliability of all of the IT services they deliver.  To learn more about how CNRA transforms the way the do networking with VMware NSX and vRealize Automation watch this short video.


Managing a Hybrid Cloud

Part of their transformation was realizing that doing everything themselves may not be the most cost effective way to meet the needs of their different departments.  Leveraging public clouds allows them to stretch their resources and deliver IT services more cost effectively.  The challenge for CNRA was managing this multi-vendor hybrid world.  Leveraging VMware vRealize Suite management platform has allowed CNRA to operate their hybrid cloud at peak efficiency.

  • vRealize Automation accelerates the delivery of infrastructure and services while improving quality, stability and reliability.
  • vRealize Operations allows them to monitor health, performance and utilization of their environment.  They can share this info with their customers and proactively predict potential problems
  • vRealize Business helps them understand the cost of their private cloud services, compare those costs to public cloud alternatives and showback that info to their customers.

To learn more about how vRealize Suite unifies Hybrid Cloud Management at the California Natural Resource Agency watch this short video.


The Results: Compelling

  • 30% Reduction in CapEx and OpEx Costs
  • Increase Technology capacity by 300%
  • Increased overall system reliability by 200%

“But more importantly IT was considered a constraint to the program areas.  Now through self-service, through automation, through a software defined approach we have been able to take IT out of the loop.”

Tim Garza – IT Director, California Natural Resources Agency

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