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Solarwinds NPM content pack for Log Insight

Solarwinds NPM or Network Performance Monitor is a monitoring software that monitors faults, availability, and performance of devices connected to a network which helps in detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network performance issues and outages.

SolarWinds can also monitor your databases, storage solutions, and server performance. For more information about SolarWinds, visit .

SolarWinds NPM Content Pack creates a simplified view into the SolarWinds core services to allow you to discover and diagnose issues as soon as they occur. Items such as expired licensing, core services failing, or SolarWinds alert notifications errors can immediately be raised to the proper personnel to ensure your monitoring solutions are fully operational.

Solarwinds NPM Overview dashboard

SolarWinds events are filtered into 5 convenient dashboards:
– Overview
– AlertingEngine Events
– SyslogService Events
– SWService Events
– TrapService Events
– BusinessLayer Events

Minimum requirements
VMware Log Insight 2.5
SolarWinds NPM 10.7+

Alerting engine events overview: Respond to multiple condition checks, correlated events, network topology, and device dependencies by monitoring of alerting engine events.

Solarwinds NPM Alerting engine events

Trap Service events: Monitor events for Schedule automated discovery of SNMP & WMI-enabled network devices

Solarwinds NPM – Trap service events
Solarwinds NPM – Agent configuration

The updated content pack can be found on the solutions exchange or via your Log Insight Server’s Content Pack Marketplace UI.


To install the SolarWinds content pack for VMWare Log Insight, follow these steps.

Log Insight Windows Agent
Log into the Log Insight Server as an administrator. In the upper-right, click the Administration menu then navigate to Agents and at the bottom of the page, click the “Download Log Insight Agent” and download the Windows Agent.

Install the Windows Agent on the SolarWinds server. During the installation, it will ask for the Log Insight hostname/IP. Enter it in and continue on with the installation.
Post installation, log into your Log Insight server and go to Administration→Agents in the upper-right. From the “Agents” drop-down menu, select the “SolarWinds – NPM” from the Available Template list. Then, add a filter for the hostname/IP address of your SolarWinds server. You should see an Agent be filtered out for the SolarWinds server. Towards the bottom, click the “Save Agent Group” to propagate the settings to the Windows Agent.
Any new events coming from SolarWinds should populate in their respective dashboards.






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