Success in the new economy requires companies to rethink traditional processes and approaches. Enterprises that embrace digital solutions and automation to accelerate innovation are rewarded. Recognizing the opportunity to increase IT agility and be a better partner to lines of business, VMware IT began a transformation to DevOps-Ready IT.

VMware IT is using vRealize Cloud Management Solutions to enable faster releases and lower costs.

See how using VMware cloud management solutions, VMware IT has achieved the following benefits and more in the full paper.

VMW_IT_DevOps; DevOps

DevOps is a Process

The process seeks to improve collaboration between operations and development teams. Implementations use automation to accelerate IT service delivery and increase the standardization of systems and processes used to build, test, and run new software applications. DevOps initiatives break down the silos between various teams in the software development lifecycle. Organizations that invest in these initiatives are proven to deploy code more frequently and with fewer failures. All of this speeds time to market for new and updated software applications and functionality. VMware IT walks through their Journey to a DevOps-Ready IT and  the two main phases of their journey. Read the complete paper here.

Getting Started: Five Key Learnings

VMware IT relied on vRealize cloud management solutions to modernize application delivery. IT’s experience with new DevOps processes, and the unique features in vRealize Automation and vRealize Code Stream, led to the five key insights mentioned in the full paper.

Discover the Advantages of VMware vRealize Cloud Management Solutions

DevOps-Ready IT improved collaboration between operations and development teams at VMware. VMware IT’s commitment to DevOps and the deployment of a cloud management solution for application stack provisioning across a hybrid cloud resulted in significant productivity and cost benefits. The team’s further investment in DevOps-Ready IT including an automated, continuous delivery methodology enabled VMware IT to cut deployment time by more than half and deployment resources by more than three quarters, while doubling the speed of software releases. The elimination of manual processes also improved service quality, raising customer and DevOps satisfaction levels.

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