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Like most companies, when demand exceeds the ability to deliver you need to take a look at how to improve your current processes.  The IT department at the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) was experiencing rapidly growing demands for IT infrastructure services due to the popularity of their new online portal and applications.  Realizing that an overhaul to their current processes was necessary, NAV kicked off an initiative to modernize their infrastructure and invest in the cloud.


  • Accelerate the delivery infrastructure and applications for both development and production
  • Assure optimal performance and utilization of compute infrastructure
  • Provision and manage both virtual desktops (1,000) and servers (3,000)


Leveraging VMware vCloud Suite NAV delivered an internal cloud portal that allows quick access to application servers and virtual desktops.  vRealize Automation hybrid cloud management accelerated the delivery of IT services to the business.   vRealize Operations manager is being used for surveillance of both vSphere (on premise) and vCloud Air (public) cloud resources.
Business Impact

  • 15 minute deployment of new application servers – developers can now easily access new test environments or expand the server pool in production.

“Earlier we often used several weeks to complete the set-up of a server with applications, data base, certifi cate, fi rewall openings, load balancing and everything else that is needed. Today, this operation can be done in 15 minutes depending on the application.”

Gerd Anne Buan , The Virtualization Group,  NAV IKT Drift

  • Enhanced ability to diagnose and fix health and performance issues

“This is the product we feel gives us the best results. We haven’t found any other product that is as good for surveillance of our virtual environment as VMware vCenter Operations Manager.”

Gerd Anne Buan, The virtualization group, NAV IKT Drift.

Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration Case Study

To find out additional information about how NAV delivered on-demand, private cloud infrastructure services to meet the increasing demand of their business read the full NAV case study.

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