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IAG Achieves Efficiency, Reliability and Speed with vRealize Automation Based Private Cloud

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Located in Wellington New Zealand, Insurance Australia Group Ltd. (IAG) is the largest insurance provider in New Zealand.  With growth through acquisition necessitating large scale provisioning of new virtual machines and environments for applications, IT Operation needed to rework their current process which was both lengthy and required a lot of rework due to lack of a consistent process.  This post contains a short summary and a link to the video testimonial.


  • Provision infrastructure Services both on premise and off premise into public infrastructure providers
  • Reduce time to deliver Infrastructure services by 30%
  • Improve operational efficiency by Reducing costs to deliver by 20%
  • Increase consistency and reliability of infrastructure services delivered through an automated repeatable delivery process
  • Needed to integrate provisioning process with existing management systems including ITSM, CMDB, Backup, Authentication, IPAM


First phase was to automate the delivery of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Before the vRealize Automation deployment they had no automation.  Deploying VMware vRealize Automation was a huge transformation for the Operations team.  They needed to learn new processes and trust the automation.  VMware professional service helped with the initial deployment enabling a smooth transition.  Once the solution was deployed, the operations team immediately saw the value that VMware vRealize Automation delivered.

The Results: Exceeding Expectations

  • Service delivery times went from 3-5 days down to under 15 minutes

“The benefits we were looking for was a 30% reduction in time to deliver and 20% reduction in cost to deliver but we smashed that going from 3-5 days down to 15 minutes which is a lot more than a 30% saving.”

Andrew Nicolson, Solution Architect, IAG

  • Improved reliability through standardization and automation

“Probably what is more important is the fact that every time we get a virtual machine from vRealize Automation its built exactly the same as the one before it.  We don’t have a team of people all building machines slightly different than each other:”

Andrew Nicolson, Solution Architect, IAG



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