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Customer Stories: Videos that Tell It All

Why are customer stories so important in Cloud Management? Because we are a technology vendor. Not the technology that’s into your face – like tickets reservations, mobile banking, social media, or games. Our solutions work deep in the data center, facilitating and (often nowadays) driving our customers’ core business. Which could be tickets reservations, mobile banking, social media, or games for that matter.

Cust stories
Customer Stories

This is why customer stories, like nothing else, convey the value of our solutions. Not necessarily in terms of performance, capacity, or server virtualization – even though these are definitely important – but in terms of business benefits achieved, money saved, or customers satisfied. Customer stories amplify the value of technology and elevate it to the point where it becomes very clear what we bring to market, beyond the technology.

Customer Stories: SAIC

Customer Stories: SAIC
Customer Stories

Take a few minutes to browse. These customers come from many industries, use different hardware platforms, and provide broad range of services to their constituents – both internal and external. What brings them together is their commitment to the modern software-defined data center (SDDC) as the vehicle that can make their IT extremely agile, cost effective, and reliable. The ultimate manifestation of SDDC, the cloud, is not just a buzz word for them. It’s there everyday reality. Powered by the cloud – private, public, or hybrid – they deploy VMware Cloud Management Platform to realize the promised benefits of large scale virtualization.

Customer Stories: Heartland

Customer Stories: Hartland
Customer Stories

Customer Stories: Many More…

In the end of the day, it’s all about use cases. What’s amazing is how these seemingly different use cases are all solved with the power of well-managed cloud deployed on VMware’s SDDC. Some examples are:

  • HIPAA and FERPA compliance at the University of New Mexico
  • Huge productivity gain at Tribune Media
  • Saving your tax dollars at the US Government Agency
  • Global business transformation at Columbia Sportswear
  • Supporting tremendous stores growth at Rent-a-Center
  • And more!…

For this page, we tried to select customer stories from the most diverse environments. I am sure you’ll find one that is similar to you, but if not – we have many more. Connect to us – let us understand your needs, and just like we have helped thousands of other customers, we will help you.

Enjoy these customer stories!


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