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vRA 7 – Windows templates for Software Deployments

Want an easy way to create Windows templates for software deployment in vRealize Automation 7?

If you have spent anytime walking through our process to prepare Windows templates for the power of software deployments you likely saw a difference between Windows and Linux. Ever since the early days of Application Director there has been a well documented yet  very manual process that was used for Windows. If you Compare that process to the great script we have had for Linux you were like me waiting for that script to be adopted for Windows. Well I’m here to share good news!  I have developed an automated process that will enable you to provision all the needed agents from a simple script that works identical to the Linux shell script. Have a look at the script and download it from here **Update for 7.0.1 download from here

There are 3 ways in which you can execute the script.

  1. Pass the parameters needed through a CLI which can be automated at provision time
  2. Edit the script to automatically
  3. Manually respond to the prompts

First we’ll take a look at the option for parameter entry, as you can see we’ll collect the vRA appliance URL, the IaaS server, and the Password for the darwin user. Simply running C:vra_prepare_template.ps1 VA-Hostname IaaS-Hostname Password


Next is the option for you to predefine the settings by editing the following portion of the script. Then you simply run C:vra_prepare_template.ps1

User configured parameters for windows templates

Finally we can offer the option to prompt you at the time of execution. As you can see we check to see if the values have been set by either parameter or script editing and if those aren’t set we’ll trigger a request to you.

Prompting user

At the end of the day this script will provide you with a very quick entry point into utilizing software components on Windows. Please download, or fork and play with the script! Additionally if you want an example of how you can install the Application Authoring agents on Windows or Linux at request time please take a look at


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