This week, VMware will be at the largest gathering of the Google Cloud Platform community to explore the latest developments in cloud technology – and demonstrate our vision of one cloud, any application, any device.

What does that mean to developers? It means a new model of IT based on a unified hybrid cloud platform that helps you focus less on infrastructure and more on innovation. This approach enables new business models and helps developers deliver new applications to internal and external customers while improving security from the data center to the cloud.

Last year, VMware announced a strategic collaboration with Google to deliver greater enterprise access to public cloud services via VMware vCloud Air. VMware’s alliance with Google brings benefits to developers working with the Google Cloud Platform, and we’ll be displaying two exciting solutions at GCP NEXT 16:

  • VMware Photon Platform – A distributed, high-scale infrastructure stack for multi-tenant deployments, designed from the ground-up to address the need for elasticity, high churn and massive scale required for cloud-native applications. Photon supports leading frameworks, including Kubernetes; we’ll be showing off Photon and Kubernetes at the conference.
  • VMware vRealize Code Stream – Delivers applications from developer desktop to GCP, enabling Continuous Delivery for DevOps teams

VMware Photon Platform

Photon Platform is comprised of Photon Controller – a high-scale control plane, and Photon Machine, a lightweight hypervisor. Photon OS, our minimalist Linux distribution for cloud-native workloads, is included as well. Don’t want to wait until GCP NEXT to check out Photon Platform? You can try it here. There are lots more projects for the community to test out on GitHub.

Photon Controller

vRealize Code Stream

VMware vRealize Code Stream, our solution for Continuous Delivery of software, enables customers to  rapidly release software from development to production environments, while reducing operational risk. With Continuous Delivery, the phases of the release process following development are automated, which helps to ensure repeatability and reduces risks to production. VMware vRealize Code Stream extends the agility provided by Continuous Integration into Continuous Delivery to enable frequent, reliable software releases, while reducing operational risks. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are the foundation for DevOps, where Development and Operation teams collaborate to achieve a common goal. With vRealize Code Stream, you can trigger release pipelines based on code commits or build job success. It enhances developer productivity by quickly standing up standardized, production-like environments for Dev/Test, using popular deployment tools.

Visit VMware at the Partner Zone, Google Cloud Platform Global User Conference, March 23-24 in San Francisco. Join the conversation at #GCPNext.