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F5 Content pack for vRealize Log Insight

F5 Application Delivery Controllers are crucial to ensuring applications are fast, available and secure.  As appliance typically sitting in front of application servers and databases the F5 BIG-IP generates tremendous amounts of valuable unstructured data in crucial to diagnose and resolve potential problems with uptime, application security or application performance.  Log Insight provides a crucial platform for visualizing your unstructured log data and ensuring proper guidance for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Over the past six months F5 and the VMware Log Insight team worked closely to define the necessary dashboards and widgets generated from BIG-IP logs necessary to visualize log information generated by BIG-IP devices and ensure customers are provided clear insight as to the performance of their applications.

The vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for F5 BIG-IP includes 8 predefined dashboards, over 50 widgets, and 10 alerts for decoding logs and graphically representing the operations states, critical events, and activities of the F5 BIG-IP Local and Global traffic managers. This offering is intended for F5 operations and network engineering teams.

Figure 1: F5 Dashboards for vRealize Log Insight
Figure 1: F5 Dashboards for vRealize Log Insight

The VMware Log Insight Content Pack further builds out our portfolio of solutions with the VMware vRealize Suite.  This follows closely the announcement in October of our vRealize Operations Management Plugin built by Blue Medora and our previously announced vRealize Orchestration Plugin available on

We will continue to provide updates on our progress in building out our management solutions with VMware.  Please download the free Log Insight management pack and documentation at  You can also get a trial version of the vRealize Operations Plugin at

If you have any questions, feedback or comments please feel free to connect with us at [email protected].