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vRealize Operations 6.2: What's New

VMware vRealize Operations (a.k.a. vROPS) 6.2 is now GA and available on This has been a long awaited update and covers all major areas of the product including installation, configuration, licensing, alerting, dashboards, reports, and policies.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Enhanced Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Integration. vRealize Operations now offers enhanced integration with the vCenter Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) when making and executing workload placement recommendations. The vRealize Operations Manager analytics determine cross-cluster placement opportunities, while vCenter Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) determines the best destination within clusters. The enhanced integration uses all DRS rules, constraints, and enterprise-class capabilities.
  • New Workload Utilization Dashboard. The Workload Utilization Dashboard enables you to see the object workload utilization for Cluster, DataCenter, and Custom DataCenter containers. The Rebalance Action resolves contention and enables performance with an easy click to rebalance the data center or custom data center.
  • Ability to Import Single Sign-On Users. As an Administrator, you can now add and authorize new users for vRealize Operations Manager by importing them from a Single Sign-On source.
  • Telemetry Enablement on Upgrade. This release includes a one-time dialog after you upgrade that allows you to participate in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program. This program collects anonymous product configuration and usage data to enhance future versions of vROps.
  • Portable Licensing. The portable licensing feature adds the ability for customers to license use of the product in VMware vSphere as well as non-vSphere environments.

vRealize Operations v6.2 is available for download now. It can be found here,

vRealize Operations: Intelligent Workload Placement

At VMWorld 2015, VMware vRealize Operations introduced Intelligent Workload Management. In a typical virtualized data center, workloads are often placed sub-optimally, resulting in inefficient usage of clusters. Additionally, the ongoing balancing of resources is a difficult, time-consuming, and non-strategic activity. With vROps, you can visualize how your clusters are loaded with workloads across clusters, vCenters, and data centers. And you can get a Balancing Plan that recommends optimal placement of the workloads and balances the workloads across clusters, saving you time, optimizing capacity and helping you be more productive. To get the latest on vRealize Operations go to

vRealize Operations: Workload Placement in vROps
Workload Placement in vROps


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