vRealize Suite 7: Cloud Management Platform Reloaded!

VMware is unveiling the new VMware vCloud Suite 7 and vRealize Suite 7 today!  We have revamped the entire Cloud Management Platform (CMP) line up in the past couple of months, and there are a lot of exciting updates in this launch.  This blog will be a bit longer to provide a comprehensive update.  This article will briefly highlight:

  • How CMP Accelerates your Cloud Journey
  • New Packaging: vRealize Suite 7
  • New Packaging: vCloud Suite 7
  • New Licensing: Portable Licensing Unit (PLU)
  • What’s New in vRealize Suite 7 and vCloud Suite 7

How CMP Accelerates your Cloud Journey

VMware delivers an Enterprise-ready cloud management platform (CMP) that supports two IT Outcomes.  The CMP speeds up IT service delivery, improves IT efficiency, and optimizes IT operations and capital spending.

In this new release, VMware is further enhancing the cloud management platform to better support specific use cases our customers are addressing in their cloud management journeys.

VMware Cloud Management Platform Customer Journey

VMware has worked with thousands of customers building and managing private and hybrid clouds.  Based on our experience with our customers, we have discovered that customers generally adopt a CMP to solve specific challenges in their cloud journey. Common use cases include: Managed Virtualization, Intelligent Operations, Automated IT to IaaS, and DevOps-Ready IT.

Typically, customers move from left to right in their cloud journey as they increase the degree of virtualization in their environments (the x axis) and see an increase in the volume and type of workloads they support (the y axis).  As your organization grows and you need to scale your IT services, the focus of an IT transformation project may shift from initially reducing CapEx, to further reducing OpEx, to accelerating agility.  Some leading edge companies jump straight to addressing agility through DevOps initiatives.

We have simplified the offerings to make it even easier for you to define your challenges and implement the right solution, accelerating your cloud journey.

New Packaging: vRealize Suite 7

VMware now offers three vRealize Suite editions that support the three latter use cases in the cloud management journey (one focused on reducing OpEx and two focused on increasing agility).

VMware vRealize Suite 7


The Enterprise Edition solution can be further extended to address continuous delivery for DevOps teams to accelerate application deployment, by adding vRealize Code Stream.

New Packaging: vCloud Suite 7

The next important change is that vCloud Suite packaging is now aligned to that of vRealize Suite. We listened to your feedback and have further simplified the offerings. All of the management components within each edition of vCloud Suite are now exactly the same as the corresponding vRealize Suite editions.

vCloud Suite 7

So now, vCloud Suite is a cost effective bundle that includes vRealize Suite and vSphere Enterprise Plus for vCloud Suite.

New Licensing: Portable Licensing Unit (PLU)

On top of this, we’ve introduced a new licensing metric called Portable Licensing Unit (PLU) that will help you protect your future investments in VMware.  It’s a new licensing unit that gives you the flexibility to utilize vRealize Suite to manage workloads regardless of whether they are on vSphere on-premises, third-party hypervisors, physical servers, or supported public clouds.

This means that vCloud Suite can now be used to build and manage vSphere-based private clouds, AS WELL AS, other hypervisor-based private clouds and multi-vendor public clouds. The licenses for the vRealize Suite included within the vCloud Suite bundle remain hybrid.

To learn more about the following click here:

  • Details of new vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite packaging
  • Details of new PLU licensing
  • Changes and benefits to existing vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite customers

What’s New in vRealize Suite 7 and vCloud Suite 7

The availability of VMware vRealize Operations 6.2 and VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.3, along with the Q4 2015 releases of VMware vRealize Automation 7 and VMware vRealize Business 7, complete a comprehensive update of the VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite.

In this release, the cloud management capabilities in vRealize Suite are being updated as follows:

  • vRealize Automation 7.0

    • Accelerated Time to Value
    • Converged Blueprints
    • NSX Integration and Automation
  • vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1 <New Name>

    • Hybrid Cloud Costing
    • Advanced Showback to Lines of Business
    • Enhanced Reporting
    • Tighter Integration with vRealize Automation 7.0
  • vRealize Operations 6.2

    • Intelligent Workload Placement
    • Optimal Resource Utilization
    • Proactive Visibility
  • vRealize Log Insight 3.3

    • Simplified 3rd Party App Integration
    • Server side automatic agent upgrades
    • New vRealize Log Insight for vCenter Standard

Summing it up

In short, this launch is about:

  • Simplifying CMP to help accelerate your cloud journey
    • New solution portfolio line up, making it easier to define and address your specific SDDC / hybrid cloud challenges and implement capabilities that matches your use case
  • Protecting your Investment in VMware
    • New Portable Licensing that provides flexibility to use public and/or hybrid cloud
  • Enhanced Platform Capabilities
    • Faster time to value – simplified architecture and installation capabilities
    • Power of the Platform – enhanced consistency and tighter integrations across CMP and SDDC elements
    • Advanced out-of-the-box capabilities – enhanced day zero and day two operations capabilities across Automation, Operations, and Business

vRealize Suite is the most complete solution and best CMP for a software-defined data center, delivered by VMware, one of the industry’s most trusted brands.  Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and thought leadership around VMware Cloud Management Platform!

Learn more

To learn more about VMware Cloud Management Platform solutions, visit us online at VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite.  See how you can jump start your App and Infrastructure Delivery Automation initiative or Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operation initiative with VMware.

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