2016 has started out with substantial fanfare for the vRealize Team. The vRealize suite  was called out in the Baseline story as a key component of Tribune Media’s “software-defined everything” approach.

The article features great quotes from David Giambruno of Tribune on benefits to date of adopting an SDDC architecture:

“The SDDC platform has dramatically changed the way the company operates its data center, including security, the management of big data and application deployment. The use of vRealize simplifies the process of configuring application-centric network and security services.”


“As the company provisions, manages and decommissions virtual machines, databases and applications, network and security services are automatically configured based on predefined policies.”

For more information check out Baseline Magazine: The Growing Demand for Software-Defined Everything, by Bob Violino

For more information on what the Tribune Company has to say about vRealize Suite, watch this video:

This video talks about what Tribune’s challenges were, and how they dealt with them.

For more information, learn more about vRealize Suite