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vRealize Automation 7 – Installation & Configuration

One of the key features in vRealize Automation 7.0 is the simplified Installation – an interview-based wizard that, based on your feedback, automatically configures and deploys the entire solution. It will also allow you to validate your configuration before installation, as well as determine which parts of the software you want in which type of environment.


In both Minimal and Enterprise deployments, the IaaS components (Model Manager, Web Services, DEMs, and Agents) are automatically pushed to available windows servers made available to the installer thanks to the management agent. Host roles are based on desired placement by the admin via the wizard.

Now With More Options!

The IaaS Prerequisite Checker has also been totally incorporated into the wizard, allowing the installer to check for prereqs on the IaaS components and determine whether or not they have been properly prepared based on the selected server roles. Here’s the kicker — if prereq validation fails, you can now simply click “FIX” and all the prerequisites will automatically be configured for you!


The wizard allows the admin to validate inputs along the way as to not wait until the very end before realizing you fat-fingered the SQL password or FQDN. In case of a failed validation, the wizard will provide a “FIX” option to try to mitigate the failure automatically or, at the very least, provide feedback on what may be wrong (e.g. bad service account, destination address, missing prereq, etc). Once all the inputs are complete, one final end-to-end validation kicks off for a sanity check.


In the following video, I’ll go over exactly how the installation wizard works in vRealize Automation 7.0

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