by Rich Bourdeau

Intuitively it makes sense that you will accelerate the delivery of applications by automating.  However, does the cost of an automation project justify the potential savings?   Not only will you improve service delivery times but these efficiency improvements also drives OpEx and CapEx savings that making and investment in a no brainer.


Don’t believe me?  Then take 5 minutes and watch this video from Forrester Research.  Spoiler Alert:  you are going to save a lot more than you think while at the same time  driving better alignment with the business.


Download the Full Forrester Report

The video is a summary of the full Forrester Research report on the “Total Economic Impact of VMware Automated Application Delivery”.  You can download the  report by clicking on the image below.

Forrester TEI Auto App Deploy Download

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Watch these videos to see how customers are achieving the same results documented in the Forrester report.

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