By Rich Bourdeau

SAIC Logo 2SAIC is a Federal Systems Integration Firm, headquartered in McLean, Virginia.  They service US Public Sector accounts from the Department of Defense to the Intelligence Community to the Federal Civilian Agencies.

As a supplier of services to the US government, security is a paramount concern for SAIC.  To meet the needs of their customers they need to deliver:

  • Dynamic and rapid network reconfiguration capability to respond to the ever changing and violent cyber threats
  • Enforce compliance through standardized services

Benefits Realized

Leveraging VMware NSX together with vRealize Automation SAIC deliver improved security for their customers.

  • NSX software defined services allow rapid reconfigure a network environment based on observed threats
  • vRealize Automation and NSX enforce compliance closer to the applications and data
  • Application Blueprints creates discipline by standardizing how network security is configured
  • Automation delivers efficiency and speed by configuring security with software vs a keyboard

“By establishing a security policy via an automated provisioning blueprint at the front of an applications life cycle.  VMware NSX software defined networking and vRealize Automation give us the ability to have that security posture, from firewall services configuration to access, to compliance checking, follow that application throughout its entire life from, uh, cradle to grave, regardless of how large it gets, how complex it gets, where it moves within the hybrid cloud.”

Colby Holloway, VP Cloud Computing and Business Transformation, SAIC



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