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Mobius Partners and VMware Help Rent-A-Center Respond Faster to Business Needs

by Rich BourdeauRAC Logo

Rent-A-Center Gains IT Scalability, Security, and Speed to Deployment with Software Defined Data Center Solution from VMware and Mobius Partners.

Rent-A Center is a large rent to own retailer with over 3,000 stores throughout North America.  This fast growing retailer needed a scalable, secure and easy way to deliver IT services to meet the diverse demands of their business.

The Challenge

Strong growth which resulted in tripling of the IT infrastructure in 18 mounts caused Rent-A-Center to have to deliver IT services quicker and more efficiently to sustain their growth.    One common requirement is that for high degrees of security and compliance with many government standards.

Mobius Partners in collaboration with VMware conducted a vSphere Optimization Assessment and discovered that as a result of their rapidly growing network of stores  Rent-A-Center’s IT department was struggling to meet the demands for thousands of machines.  This demand translated to 6,000 new systems in 2015 alone.  They needed a faster way to deploy new systems quickly, accurately and to be able to audit what they had deployed.

The Solution

To meet their requirements, VMware partner Mobius Partners recommended a software defined approach where compute, network, storage and security resources could be configured dynamically to meet the unique needs of their different business.  The solution consisted of VMware vRealize Suite cloud management in combination with VMware software defined services like vSPhere, NSX and VSAN.

The Results:

VMware and Mobius Partners working with Rent-A-Center helped redefine where they wanted to go as an IT organization.  Over the last 24 months they have completely transformed their business.  Here are just a few of the things they had to say about VMware and Mobius Partners.

“We were able to take this $3.5M project… we did the entire rollout in 60 days.  We meet our time, budget, and delivery objectives.  I can’t overstate how well that whole relationship blossomed with everything and everyone coming together, knowing what was needed and making it happened as expected.”

Martin Vogt, Senior Systems Manager, RAC

“With vRealize Automation and NSX it’s just like pressing a button.  We can turn up a whole environment, deliver to a development team in a day, have it validated, and then have it quickly up and running.

Michael Conroy, Senior Infrastructure Architect, RAC


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