by Rich Bourdeau

Columbia Sportsware LogoThe biggest challenge for most companies today is the ability to go faster than the competition.  Competitive advantages that use to last decades can be lost in a matter of years or even months if companies fail to stay ahead of customer needs and what the competition can deliver.     For companies that rely on technology to differentiate their offerings, this means the ability to deliver new applications and services quickly to support the growth of the business.

In this regard Columbia Sportswear is similar to other companies always looking to be more nimble and faster than the competition.  Automating the delivery of infrastructure and applications was critical to accelerating the delivery of new capabilities for their customers as well as expanding their presence to address new markets.  In order to achieve this goal they leveraged vRealize Automation to accelerate delivery of IT Services, thereby empowering their application development teams be more productive.

Breaking down Organizational Barriers

First, vRealize Automation helped break down the barriers within IT.  Elimination of manual steps performed by different IT functions,  linked by work order tickets , not only dramatically improved service delivery times it also drove consistency and reliability by eliminating errors.

Creating repeatable service blueprints also helped improve the communication between IT operations and development;  driving better collaboration between the teams.

“We’re really looking for application developers to think more like operations, and our operations to think more like, app- application developers.  vRealize automation has given us the capability to have those, those groups as well as security and other interested parties sit side by side to collaborate and  figure out what capabilities need to be brought online.”

Scott Nasello  – Senior Manager, Platforms and Systems Engineering , Columbia Sportswear



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