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VMWorld 2015: Intelligent Workload Management with vRealize Operations 6.1

At this year’s VMworld, a number of new products are being launched, including vRealize Operations 6.1. Intelligent Workload Management is at the top of a list of new capabilities in the latest iteration of vRealize Operations.

(Update: Try vRealize Operations 6.1 here.)

Intelligent Workload Management

The latest 6.1 release is all about Intelligent Workload Management. There are two significant ways in which this latest release is going to make the lives of our customers better. We do it through these new capabilities –

Intelligent Workload Balancing

  • In a typical virtualized data center, workloads are often placed sub-optimally, resulting in inefficient usage of clusters. Additionally, the ongoing balancing of resources is a difficult, time-consuming, and non-strategic activity.
  • With vRealize Operations 6.1, we provide the solution. You can now visualize how your clusters are loaded with workloads across clusters, vCenters, and data centers. And you can get a Balancing Plan that recommends optimal placement of the workloads and balances the workloads across clusters.
  • This helps customers save time and be more productive, and also optimize the utilization of their existing capacity, helping reduce future CapEx.

Integrated OS & App Monitoring

  • Monitoring apps and infrastructure is complex, requires multiple tools, and can lead to blind spots.
  • With this release, we have made OS and App monitoring available natively in vRealize Operations. This means you have a single solution to monitor and manage your environment, making management easier, troubleshooting faster, and providing a more streamlined usage experience.
  • Predictive analytics help IT to proactively identify and avoid potential issues across infrastructure and application stacks in one place.

Want To Try Intelligent Workload Management?

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Intelligent Workload Management


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  1. Can’t find the binaries anywhere. And we are licensed for 6.0.2, cant find it under our downloads either. Looking forward to installing it 🙂

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