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MPSD: Management Pack for Storage Devices for vRealize Operations: Available Now

The latest version of the Management Pack for Storage Devices for vRealize Operations (MPSD) is available now. Try it now.

vRealize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices provides you with a complete view of your entire storage topology from your host, through your storage network, and out to the storage array. With this solution, you can use vRealize Operations Manager to monitor and troubleshoot capacity and performance problems on different components of your storage area network. And it now supports VSAN.

The vRealize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices (MPSD) can be installed on any Advanced, or Enterprise edition vRealize Operations Manager Installation. (This may change i in the future. Stay tuned.) This includes both the appliance and standalone deployments. The Management Pack can connect to any storage device that has a VASA provider, and SAN/NAS Switches from Brocade or Cisco using SMI-S. Performance Data is collected from Host HBA’s, NIC, VMs, and SAN/NAS switches. New: It also has support for VSAN 6!

MPSD Now Includes VSAN support

The vRealize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices 6.0.2 provides visibility into your storage environment, including VSAN. Using Common Protocols you can collect performance and health data from the storage devices. Pre-defined dashboards allow you to follow the path from a VM to the storage volume and identify any problem that may exist along that path.

Highlights of MPSD 6.0.2

• End to End view of the data path through the SAN and NAS; from VM to Storage Volume
• Support for both NFS/iSCSI and FC/FCoE protocols
• Access to Storage devices leveraging standardized protocols; CIM, SMI-S, & VASA
• Ready to use dashboards for Health and Performance
• Analytics for common APD and PDL storage conditions

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