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Learn How to Manage your Cloud Costs

Join us at VMworld 2015 to learn how Symantec has been effectively managing its Cloud Costs.

Show Me The Money: Cloud Costs

Cloud Costs: Showback

Often we hear, “IT = Business.” However, have you had difficulty engaging the senior leaders in your organization around Cloud Costs because it was challenging to show the costs in actual monetary terms? Or had difficulty in convincing the line of business managers to use in-house services rather than going on to the public cloud because you weren’t able to show the cost advantage?

Join Jason Pulg, the Director of IT Cloud Services at Symantec, to learn how Symantec has been effectively managing its Cloud Costs with vRealize™ Business from tracing IT services to direct business outcomes and business values to creating sustainable, consumption-based financial models (MGT4987).


Cloud Business Management Practices

Interested in general practices of Cloud Business Management? Join Khalid Hakim, Global Operations Transformation Architect at VMware, and Kobi Katzir, the Senior Product Manager at VMware, to learn how to achieve the full business value of the Cloud by putting in place a more specialized and robust Cloud Business Management practices (MGT4632).

vRealize Business enables you to achieve transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services. Learn more about vRealize Business here for now. We look forward to meeting you at VMworld!


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