IaaS Cloud Management PlatformIs your private or hybrid cloud deployment having difficulty delivering on the expectations of the business?  Are you using your infrastructure resources efficiently?  With new cloud capabilities, do you seem to be always short on capacity?  Is it cost competitive and able to scale?

In this cloud-mobile era, customers have grown accustomed to speedy, on-demand delivery of products and services, with businesses delivering on only minutes of lead time.  Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams supporting these businesses must be able to meet these same demands for change.  How?  Empower your Lines of Business (LOB) and IT teams, by offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).


What is IaaS?

IaaS enables automated delivery of personalized IT services AND provides operational and financial visibility into environments across private and public clouds, as well as multi-hypervisor environments. The solution not only enables consumers (e.g. App Developers in LOB) to provision services via a self-service catalog, but also automates service delivery across the service lifecycle, from creation through retirement. This comprehensive approach allows organizations to achieve faster time to market, protect their IT investments while maintaining technology choice, and track and control costs.

At VMware, we view this as the first stage in the journey towards an IT Outcome called App and Infrastructure Delivery Automation.

Why start with IaaS?IaaS Cloud Management Platform

In order to deliver new or existing applications to users instantly, anywhere, anytime, from any device, the enterprise needs to be able to quickly build, deliver, and manage those applications. VMware helps enterprises execute this, by offering cloud management capabilities that vertically integrates infrastructure services, application deployment, and the downstream application release process.  Stage 1 focuses on enabling I&O teams to automate the delivery of infrastructure services for Application teams.  Stage 2 enables I&O teams to automate the delivery of application and middleware services, so that Application teams can accelerate the deployment of integrated multi-tier applications.  And Stage 3 enables DevOps teams to streamline and automate the software delivery process to accelerate application releases.  As a result, VMware enables enterprises to establish an integrated end-to-end IT service lifecycle management to help manage workloads across dev/test and production environments in hybrid cloud and heterogeneous environments, accelerating the delivery of infrastructure and applications for business agility.

How to Accelerate and Control your IaaS

In the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) paradigm, VMware Cloud Management Platform can help you deliver IaaS at scale.IaaS Cloud Management Platform

Are you a VP or Director of an Infrastructure and Operations team, a Cloud Architect, a VI admin, a network admin, or a storage admin?  On July 16th (Thu) 11AM PT / 2PM ET, join us for a webcast to find out how you can support very rapid / continuous deployment of applications, provide on-demand infrastructure services, and scale and adapt dynamically based on the needs of applications, with VMware Cloud Management Platform.  We will provide an overview and a demo of how VMware Cloud Management Platform can help you accelerate and control your IaaS.

By the end of the session, you will learn to:

  • Embrace the management of a dynamic hybrid cloud
  • Empower Lines of Business to make choices that make sense for them for IaaS
  • Embed and automate the capabilities that establish and sustain a hybrid cloud

Join the webcast

Click here to register for the webcast. Be sure to also visit us online at VMware vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite to learn more about how you can jump start your IaaS initiative with VMware.


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