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ACI Specialty Benefits: vSOM Customer Spotlight

We are proud to shine the spotlight this week on a VMware customer success story. Here’s proof that even smaller organizations can benefit greatly by upgrading from a naked vSphere environment to vSphere with Operations Management. This is especially true for a company like ACI Specialty Benefits in San Diego, an employee and student benefits company that is growing exponentially and needed its IT infrastructure to proactively support the business.

The ACI Specialty Benefits Story

Facing hyper-growth, ACI Specialty Benefits needed to ensure the company’s infrastructure was poised to proactively support the business. ACI moved to a virtualized data center and deployed vSphere with Operations Management in order to effectively load test, ensure adequate resources to handle demand, and onboard new customers more quickly and effectively. The company can now run applications at high service levels and maximize hardware savings through 40% higher capacity utilization and 50% higher consolidation ratios.

With the added visibility throughout its IT infrastructure, ACI has seen a 25% decrease in time spent on diagnostics and problem resolution. As a result of the operational efficiencies, the IT team is freed up to take on additional strategic initiatives.

“The first time looking at that single pane of glass was very surprising for us to see all of our different VMware infrastructure – at the data center, at headquarters, everywhere. Being able to see where we stood was a game changer.”

— Ryan Fay, Chief Information Officer, ACI Specialty Benefits

To hear the folks at ACI Specialty Benefits talk about how they use vSphere with Operations Management in their own words, check out the video, or download the info graphic here.

About ACI Specialty Benefits

Covering over seven million people, ACI Specialty Benefits is one of the nation’s top ten providers of Employee Assistance Programs. The company also offers premiere Workplace Wellness, Concierge, and Student Assistance programs. With a 95% customer retention rate, ACI is known for anticipating needs, exceeding expectations and providing customers with an unparalleled professional partnership.

Try the vSphere Optimization Assessment, and see what ACI sees

The vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) is a simple and powerful health check for today’s virtual environments and addresses a number of key challenges for IT organizations. This free assessment is now available to customers on as a 30-day program designed to enable them to:

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