Mark your calendars for the next vRealize Automation “vRA Live!” session on April 17th, 1:00PM EST. This Webcast will be hosted by Jad El-Zein, VMware engineer and author of the  VirtualJad Blog (


vRA Live! – Extensibility
This vRA Live! session will dive into the power of extensibility using these tools and will cover the implementation of a variety of popular use cases, implementation methodologies, and best practices. Best of all, there will be an experts panel to share their thoughts and help respond to audience questions.

Extensibility is used to unlock the power of vRA’s integration and automation of the cloud ecosystem, deliver custom services, and help bridge the gap between what is available “out of the box” vs. the reality that is an enterprise’s high-customized and often complex environment. While vRA can deliver basic IaaS services with relatively little effort, the real value for enterprises and those leveraging vRA for managing a software-defined data center is delivered by the ability for it to integrate, automate, and orchestrate the surrounding environment.

In vRA’s case, extensibility is made possible by leveraging a variety of native and external tools to accomplish the task at hand. These include Custom Properties, the Property Dictionary, vRealize Orchestrator (vRO), and – Jad’s favorite – the Advanced Service Designer (ASD).

**In true #vralive fashion, this will be a live how-to, not a death by PowerPoint session!!**


  • Welcome and Panel Introductions
  • vRA Extensibility Overview
  • Using Custom Properties
  • Property Dictionary
  • vRO’s Role in Extensibility
  • Advanced Service Designer
  • Day 1 vs. Day 2 Operations
  • Open Panel Discussion
  • Closing


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