vRealize Operations Manager provides a new “merged” UI that combines the best of the previous vSphere and Custom UIs.  Whereas before you were confronted with two different looking and feeling interfaces you now see a clean and simple, easy-to-use UI which includes daily recommendations, dashboards, quick links, help features, workspaces (aka wizards), alerts, heatmaps, etc. all at your fingertips.

The new user interface not only offers you the best place to go to manage your virtual environment but also your storage, network, operating systems, applications, etc.  Moreover, Each class of object managed is treated as a “First Class Citizen” in the new UI which means the features and functions of vRealize Operations Manager (badges, dynamic thresholding, custom dashboards, super metrics, alerting, custom reports, capacity planning) work the same regardless of what you need to manage.

Check out the video below to learn all about the new UI and the power it cab bring to your management plans.

Stop by later this week as we begin our deep dive into Capacity Mgmt!


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