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Useful for Devs: Three new Log Insight Content Packs (.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle JRE)

VMware has recently released three main stream content packs to the Log Insight Solution Exchange download site, for application developers and system administrators. These releases include .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle JRE (Java Runtime Environment). All of these content packs include customized widgets for graphically viewing significant log events including fatal crash events within Java Virtual Machines, .NET CLR ETW events for detailed analysis of problems, and major health events for MS SQL Server runtime environments. Application developers and system admins who install these content packs, have instant customization of Log Insight views with over 60 widgets when all 3 content packs are installed. These content packs extend Log Insight beyond its traditional vSphere roots, with mainstream application development and application middleware operations management.

You can download the content here for



Oracle JRE

.NET (Overview, Garbage Collection, Runtime, Contention and Thread Pool)

NET overview    NET gcNET runtimeNET contention NET threadpoolMicrosoft SQL Server (Overview, Connect Permissions, Corruptions / Deadlock, Server Errors, Invalid Queries)

SQL overviewSQL connectionSQL invalidQuery Oracle JRE (Overview, VM Info, Crash Info)

JRE overviewJRE vminfoJRE crashInfo


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