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vRealize Suite Provides Operational Insight to facilitate Resource Right Sizing

By Rich Bourdeau

In order to effectively manage your cloud services, you need the ability to not only provision new machines or applications; you need to the ability to manage those services throughout their lives.  That means the ability to reconfigure an application to add or remove component machines or change resources (CPU, memory, storage, memory, security) on individual machines.

The ability to perform day two operations like resource reconfiguration, snapshot management, backup and other functions is an area where many cloud management platforms fall way short.  Very few even provide the capability and most do not enforce the appropriate governance policies over which operations are allowed, who can initiate them, which pool of resources should be used and how much are appropriate.

Your Challenge: Knowing you have a problemHealth Status

Being able to change something in order to improve performance is one thing, but how do you know if you have a problem.  Do you how to look in another application to identify which applications or components are not performing at appropriate services levels.  Then write some information down just to take it to another application where you can initiate the change?  Or worse do you need to  wait until you receive a user complaint before you initiate a change?

The Power of the vRealize Suite Platform
The good news is that the vRealize™ Suite helps simplify the process of monitoring the health of your IT services.  vRealize Operations 6.0 (formerly vCenter Operations Manager)  proactively identifies emerging issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts, ensuring optimum performance and availability of applications and infrastructures services.  vRealize Automation  6.2 (formerly vCloud Automation Center displays the vRealize Operations health status so that administrators and  users can see the health and performance within the context of the services that they manage.  The can drill down to see the factors impacting overall health and take corrective action if necessary.

VRealize Suite  - Health Status


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