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Realize the Power of EMC Storage Analytics with VMware vRealize Operations: Better Together

VMware and EMC have partnered to create a storage analytics offering available to extend the virtual administrators capability to view, troubleshoot and most importantly, proactively predict and prevent performance issues related to the storage infrastructure.  In releasing EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) over a year ago, EMC has been selling a storage-centric version of vRealize Operations (vR Ops) to address this need for greater depth in storage analytic capabilities than what was offered in vROps.  The adoption of the ESA technology has been increasing at a tremendous rate with over two thousand installs to date.

This week at VMWorld (Barcelona), VMware announces their latest version 6.0 of vRealize Operations; and the new vRealize Operations Insight (vROI) solution, which adds real-time log management for VMware environments (VMware LogInsight). And, with a number of new features and capabilities added in this release, EMC is also announcing their latest release of EMC Storage Analytics (version 3.0). This version will now also include vRealize LogInsight. The combined use of ESA and vROI will enable improved service levels for performance, and higher up-times by providing increased troubleshooting and health management for storage in the virtual environment.  The ability to monitor, search and run diagnostics on a collection of real-time logs provides faster resolution of problems.  This helps prevent delays in understanding issues which could otherwise interrupt application availability.

ESA 3.0 helps to reduce costs by increasing resource utilization through automated capacity planning and optimization. Proactive analytics and smart alerts enable faster identification and remediation of potential issues that can degrade performance, and if avoided, reduce their impact. ESA 3.0 and vR Ops 6 offer distributed deployment with higher scalability that will complement the growing number of resources in today’s datacenters.

The latest release will include new out-of-the-box alerts for EMC storage systems to identify system performance degradation and potential (storage) waste of that system.  New dashboards and reports will help the user with greater visibility into the system status with the ability to easily customize system reports.

Increase efficiencies by using policy-driven capacity models (for allocation and demand) and with new reporting capabilities on performance risks and capacity utilization, helps make intelligent business decisions. Based on allocation and demand statistics and various business needs, ESA provides the means to help manage capacity proactively instead of reacting to shortages or dealing with down time that could otherwise be avoided. Scenario-based capacity modeling for future projects helps to reduce risks and save costs by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and home-grown modeling tools.

EMC Storage Analytics supports VMAX, VNX and VPLEX platforms today, and will continue to add new EMC platforms in 3.0 and beyond.

vRealize Log Insight Screen Shots:

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main pagevnx topodetailsdiskworkload

EMC Storage Analytics complements the new features of vROI, and together they provide the best in-class analytics for virtual and physical environments.  Together, EMC Storage Analytics and vRealize Operations Insight maximize performance and optimization of your storage resources. Better Together!

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