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Achieving operational insights into NetApp Storage using vCenter Operations

We are pleased to announce that today one of our vCenter Operations Manager partners, Blue Medora, has released a major update to the what VMware had previously called the vCenter Operations Adapter for NetApp – turning it into a full-blown Management Pack with significant upgrades and out of the box dashboards for improved ease of use.


Blue Medora has worked extensively with both NetApp and VMware to dramatically expand and enhance the capabilities of the solution. The management pack provides administrators full visibility in their NetApp storage devices directly from vCenter Operations Manager.


The highlights of this release include:

  • Support for NetApp Cluster Data ONTAP (CDOT) based storage systems
  • NetApp-focused out-of-the-box dashboards
  • 4 new distinct ‘VMware on NetApp’ vCOps entity types
  • Synthetic metric rollups
  • Addition of a new vCOps Resource Kind for NetApp ‘Disks’
  • Expanded collection of NetApp-focused metrics
  • NetApp to VMware relationship mapping enabled out-of-the-box
  • Support for latest versions of NetApp DFM (including 5.2.x)
  • Support for vCOps 5.8.x including 5.8.3

Screenshot_2Let’s hear from NetApp on this:

“NetApp and VMware continue to jointly develop solutions that help our customers realize the efficiency, agility, and cost savings of a software defined data center.   The integration of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP with VMware vCenter Operations Manager gives our customers a powerful tool to monitor and troubleshoot their entire infrastructure from a single pane.  Our collaborative solutions are unifying management across virtualized and storage environments and allowing customers to build easily manageable cloud infrastructures.”

————Tim Russell, Vice Present, Product Management, Data Center Solutions Group

Beyond all the new features introduced by Blue Medora in the Management Pack for NetApp you’ll still find the same powerful features you are familiar with from previous versions of the Adapter that enable enterprise-wide visibility into NetApp storage devices, greatly reduced troubleshooting times, and simplified security & compliance management.

In summary, the Management Pack for NetApp fully leverages the core capabiltiies of vCOps:

  • Exposes NetApp related performance, health, availability, and capacity KPIs within vCOps
  • Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, supermetrics, metrics, and entity types for NetApp resources
  • Provides comprehensive relationship mapping of VMware vSphere resources running on NetApp storage
  • Delivers insights into non-virtualized workloads running on NetApp storage as wellScreenshot_3

LIke all our other Cloud Operations Solutions, you can find this one at the Cloud Management Marketplace here.



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