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Exchange Operations – Log Insight can help

Microsoft Exchange is the core messaging technology used in many enterprises.   How many times have you been through an Exchange or Outlook migration?  We all can relate to our experiences over the years.  Large, complex mission critical business applications such as Exchange can be taxing on Command Center and Exchange engineering teams.  The relevant operational time series data from exchange can be analyzed through our vCenter Operations  release last December.    Log data from Exchange is a very important source of additional data and  we have recently released our Microsoft Exchange Server Content Pack.  This content pack has six dashboards, 34 widgets, 32 queries, 9 alerts, and 96 extracted fields.




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Specific events offered within this Exchange content pack include the following:

  • Database health checks
  • Insufficient data redundancy checks
  • Back pressure events
  • Resource pressure events
  • Critical storage errors
  • Transport shutting down events
  • Critical service events
  • Administrative audit changes

The top Exchange counter information closely monitored for detecting and alerting on Exchange problems include the following:

  • SMTP bytes received per message
  • SMTP messages received per second
  • SMTP messages sent per second
  • Store driver inbound local delivery calls per second
  • Store driver inbound message delivery attempts per second

Download this Microsoft Exchange Server Log Insight Content Pack today.


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