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Announcing the VMware vCenter Operations Management pack for NSX-vSphere 1.0

Following on the heals of our vCNS Management Pack announcement, I have great interest in leveraging and correlating networking data in vCenter Operations. Alongside our growing list of network technology partners, we are working very closely with the NSX team at VMware to drive our NSX – vCenter Operations management solution.


We are very excited to announce the General Availability of VMware vCenter Operations Management pack for NSX-vSphere 1.0

The vC Ops Management Pack for NSX-vSphere 1.0 extends the operational management capabilities of vCenter Operations into the areas of virtual and physical data center networking. It provides the following operations capabilities for virtual administrators and network operations administrators, in highly virtualized network environments which use both vSphere and NSX technologies:


  • Visibility of all NSX networking services deployed within each vSphere cluster including NSX manager, NSX controllers, and NSX data plane services (logical switch, routers, firewalls etc.). Several different pre-defined vCenter Operations widgets are leveraged for representing NSX services.
  • Visibility of vSphere hosts in NSX transport zones, within or across multiple vSphere clusters (for seeing the mobility and routing spans).
  • Search and drill down functions for obtaining the operations health of deployed NSX objects.
  • Embedded dependency rules of both logical and physical networking relationships for problem alerting and root-cause problem solving. This includes detection and alerting of NSX configuration, connectivity, and health problems. All alerts are consolidated into a vCenter Operations Manager alert interface.
  • Extension of the core vCenter Operations Manager health and risk analytics engine for the inclusion of NSX object key performance and health indicators.


NSX delivers a completely new operational model for networking that breaks through current physical network barriers allowing data center operators to achieve order of magnitude better speed, economics and choice.

Just like server virtualization enables IT to treat physical hosts as a pool of compute capacity, the NSX approach allows IT to treat their physical network as a pool of transport capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on demand.

For more information on NSX, please look here.

The following diagram details the NSX constructs and the Software Defined Data Center Operational Management Solutions:

NSX-vC Ops Topology Slides

Important information for this release (Release notes, documentation and download page) can be found at:


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