By Rich Bourdeau

vCAC Free TrialYou know that you can’t continue the way you have been going…  You know that you need to become more efficient…  You know that you need to become more responsive.  But the day to day activities of keeping the lights on in the IT Department has not given you time to look at solutions that could help lower operational costs, improve IT efficiency while at the same time accelerating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and other IT services.

Many vendors offer free trial licenses, the challenge is finding the time and resources to configure the prerequisite environment, install the software and configure how it interacts with your environment.  All this work multiplied by however many solutions you want to look at.  VMware is helping you accelerate your evaluation process by providing you with a staged environment on our resources for you to test and play with vCloud Automation Center.  We also provide you with a test plan to walk through our most useful features.  You can follow the test plan or test any of the features you want.  Click on the link below to start your test drive.

In addition we are providing you with a list of other information that you will find useful in your evaluation:

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