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Blue Medora releases Beta vCenter Operations Management Pack for SAP HANA

When talking to customers this past week,  the recurring theme in many of my conversations was the need for the Virtual Infrastructure / Cloud Administrator to have visibility into Mission Critical Applications and Workloads with vCenter Operations.  SAP is just one of these workloads.

SAP first introduced the SAP HANA In-Memory database in 2010.  Since then SAP has rapidly rolled out 7 more major releases and over 1000 customers have deployed it.

In 2012 vSphere 5.1 was certified by SAP to run SAP HANA for non-production scenarios.  Two years later, in May 2014, after an extended and successful joint testing program SAP and VMware announced that vSphere 5.5 was certified for production support for SAP HANA.

Now that customers are moving their production SAP HANA workloads on vSphere, the requirements for monitoring, management, and capacity planning have increased.

On the heels of Blue Medora taking over development, support, and distribution over the legacy vCenter Operations VMware Adapter for SAP (since updated and released as the Blue Medora vC Ops Management Pack for SAP CCMS), Blue Medora has announced the availability of an open public beta of a new vC Ops Management Pack for SAP HANA.

The Management Pack for SAP HANA is available for download today here and Blue Medora intends to fully release it in early July.

The Management Pack for SAP HANA extends VMware vCenter Operations by providing the following SAP HANA-focused benefits:

  • General health and availability of the SAP HANA database running on vSphere, on physical instances, as well as cloud-based implementations
  • Provides relationship mapping between the various HANA objects as well as various related VMware vSphere components including virtual machines, ESX hosts, clusters, and datastores
  • Provides visibility into SAPA HANA alerts
  • Performance, health, availability, and capacity metrics on SAP HANA landscapes, storage volumes, tables, indices, transactions, workload, locks, connections, expensive statements, query types and counts, and more
  • SAP HANA Configuration details


I encourage you to check out the Management Pack for SAP HANA product page on Blue Medora’s site and even download the Beta if you are interested in monitoring your mission critical SAP HANA workloads using VMware vCenter Operations.


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