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The Brocade SAN Content Pack is now available for vCenter Log Insight

In talking to many customers about their operational management experiences, it has become very clear to me that the Software Defined world we are moving to has an explosion of monitoring data, both structured and unstructured.  Everyone of these Software Defined constructs and objects is a snowflake with rich data that speaks to us: “Please correlate me”.  We have the explosion in both the count and richness of these objects; a problem that lends it self to machine learning and analytics.  I have also been very impressed with our Log Insight customers use of the product and the need for Content Packs across the heterogeneous operational world.  Below is a screen shot of the VMWare Developer Center page for Log Insight where anyone can create a Content Pack and Partners can highlight it on our Cloud Management Marketplace.

LI DCWe have many partners who have build Content Packs and many more are in progress.

Today, the Brocade SAN Content Pack is now available for VMware® vCenter™ Log Insight™ , providing Storage Area Networks(SAN) event analytics.  Log Insight helps customers quickly search and analyze all their IT log data, providing them with meaningful, actionable operational insights and the SAN fabric is fertile ground for optimizing your operations.

Brocade has worked closely with our teams to offer deeper investigation for root-cause analysis and remediation of SANs in virtualized environments.  The Brocade SAN Content Pack eliminates noise from millions of events and amplifies critical SAN alerts to accelerate troubleshooting with actionable analytics. Faster troubleshooting provides time to proactively driving value of IT resources.


The Brocade SAN Content Pack provides:

  • 15 years of Brocade experience built-in for faster resolution of networking issues cutting down time and improving operational efficiency and reducing IT costs
  • Intelligently classifies events and provides context within VMware vCenter Log Insight dashboards
  • Contains pre-defined queries, alerts and fields which can be customized to specific environments, offering both out-of- usability and flexibility
  • Brocade Fabric Vision Technology integration increases visibility of issues across the SAN network, saving you valuable time

Leveraging Brocade Fabric Vision technology, provides deeper knowledge of the behavior to increase visibility of issues impacting VM performance and application responsiveness.

The Brocade SAN mgmt. content pack has pre-set filters for capturing critical logs and displaying with pre-defined custom SAN dashboards within Log Insight. Some of the valuable pre-defined filters are:

Fabric Watch and MAPS events:  These filters leverage Brocade Fabric Vision technology to show critical policy violations in various SAN health categories such as traffic, errors, FRU health etc.

Audit Events: Provides an effective way of audit trail to determine security violations and configuration changes and get notified.

Bottleneck Detection:  Filters all congestion and latency related bottlenecks experienced in the fabric to quickly narrow down on the problem areas and root cause the issues in the network.

CallHome:  Groups critical events that may need a support call including hardware related issues such as fault power supply, degraded FRU health, out of range flash usage and other policy violations.


Brocade SAN Content Pack provides powerful filtering capabilities for faster troubleshooting through a rapid process of elimination, via custom or prepackaged policies. Brocade Fabric Vision Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS) capabilities are presented within VMware Log Insight dashboards to provide systems administrators with a complete view of SAN health and behavior.

To Download the Brocade SAN Content Pack at no-charge: Click here

Let’s also not forget the vCenter Operations Management Pack:  Click here

vCenter Operations and Log Insight,  just what the SAN Fabric operations need.


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