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Selecting a Cloud Automation Solution: Part 5 – The Perfect Mix of Function and Flexibility

By Rich Bourdeau
In earlier posts in this blog series we looked at the various options companies have for deploying automated, on-demand cloud services.  We also explored what capabilities you Fast and Flexible Cloud Automationshould look for in a cloud automation solution.  If you have not seen these posts I recommend that you start here.

You have probably been asking yourself how VMware stacks up to some of the challenges and stringent criteria that I have outlined.   In this post we are going to explore why vCloud Automation Center delivers the fastest time to cloud value.

Your cloud is not just any cloud!   It’s a business relevant cloud which is optimized for the way you do business and personalized to meet the unique need of your users.  Here are some of the ways we help companies accelerate the delivery of their automated cloud services.

Comprehensive FunctionalityvCAC Intro
VMware vCloud Automation Center helps companies deploy an on-demand cloud infrastructure in the shortest amount of time with least amount of risk. The reason we can do this is the comprehensive purpose-built functionality and operational expertise that is built into our product.  Much of this functionality can easily be customized through personalized governance policies.  To learn more about VMware superior cloud management capabilities watch Introduction to vCloud Automation Center (10:04 min). 


“VMware Cloud Automation Center met all of our criteria.  It was more complete and more agile for our specific needs. VMware did it faster than companies who would have brought in armies of people to do the same thing.”

                 Tejash Patel,
Service Manager for Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Dow Jones


Extensible Automation FrameworkvCAC Extensibility

vCloud Automation Center’s purpose built functionality can easily be adapted to work with your existing infrastructure, tools and processes delivering cloud services optimized to the needs of your business.  In addition its advanced service designer can also be used to automate new use cases and deliver new or custom services.    To learn more about vCloud Automation Center’s extensible design I recommend that you watch the video “Implementing Cloud Services in your Existing Environment” (6:41 min).

“VMware was better than any other vendor at providing the extensibility features required by both our engineering approach and business vision, enabling us to rapidly develop and deploy new cloud services.”

Nicholas Apostolou, Manager, Cloud
Project Director, Intracom Telecom

“Since we are a service provider we are always getting ‘hey can you do this or that.’ With vCloud Automation Center’s extensibility, we can quickly integrate with anything out in the marketplace.”

VP of Core IT Service,
Large Multi-National Corporation

VMware Solutions Exchange Cloud Management Marketplace Cloud Mgmt Market copy

Leverage VMware and partner provided solutions in the Cloud Management Marketplace on VMware Solutions Exchange.  These VMware and vendor supplied workflows and plug-in modules greatly simplify the deployment and maintenance needed to integrate existing and future tools and technologies into your cloud automation solution.  To learn more about VMware’s cloud management marketplace and ecosystem of partners I recommend that you take a few minutes to watch “VMware’s Cloud Management Marketplace” (11:43 min)

“For organizations looking to automate public and private cloud deployments, it is imperative to take a proactive, automated approach to network services.  We’re excited to provide a highly scalable solution to improve business efficiency, allowing enterprise IT teams to streamline their private and public cloud deployments.”

David Gee,
EVP Marketing, InfoBlox

Need help selecting your cloud automation solution?  Let VMware demonstrate how we have can help turn your organization into business enablers.  To learn more about VMware’s Cloud Automation solution

Need help deploying your private cloud infrastructure or developing your business justification? Contact us and our experts can help your team build the business case and the solution that will maximize your IT productivity.

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