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vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips: Tip #22 – Monitoring Microsoft Hyper-V with VMware vCenter Hyperic 5.8

In my last installment “vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips: Tip #20 – Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vCenter Hyperic 5.8” I talked about how in vCenter Operations 5.8 we have introduced the first wave of out of the box Dashboards and adapter intelligence. I focused on how vCenter Operations Manager is being enhanced to quickly help Application owners to to monitor and manage Business Critical Applications like Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange. I also walked you through adding the Hyperic Adapter for vCenter Operations Manager.

This next tech tip installment from me will follow up with how we are bringing even more value by bringing Hyper-V metrics into the fold as well.

Lets have a look at the available Dashboards that come with the vCenter Operations Management Pack for Hyperic.


The last three dashboards bring metrics from an Hyperic 5.8 agent sitting on the OS of Hyper-V, directly into vCenter Operations manager 5.8. The Hyperic 5.8 agent has a new Plugin that recognizes that the Windows Server is actually an Hyper-V box and creates the object in Hyperic as a ‘Win -Hyper-V’ resource kind.

The first Dashboard in the list, shows all Alerts for the entire Hyper-V environment. Gives immediate direction and feedback to the SME/Admin about the alert with an Healthtree, and Metric, widget.



The Second Dashboard in the list, shows Hyper-V VM utilization. The History of each VM for three areas are covered: CPU Usage(%), Memory Usage(Allocated Page), and Net Total(Bytes Per Minute)

HyperVVMUtilCPUHyperVVMUtilMEMHyperVVMUtilNet Total


The last Dashboard in the list, shows Hyper-V host utilization. Like the VM Utilization, this dashboard is a top 25 offender dashboard, focusing on CPU Usage(%), Memory Usage(%), CPU Usage(%), Disk By RW Latency(MS), and Net Total(Bytes Per Minute). Allowing the SME/Admin to drill into Historical Metric details.



The vCenter Operations Management Pack for Hyperic gives instant, easy, out-of-the-box value to both VI Admins. If you do not already have a VMware Solution Exchange account, sign up for one today. Join the growing community of customers and partners, and have a look at what VMware is offering today!

Hope you found today’s #TechTip useful. For a full list of all blog posts in the vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips series, search for posts with the tag ‘tech tips‘, or just visit


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  1. Nice walkthrough,

    I’ve myself just installed vCenter Hyperic 5.8 and working to integrate it with vC Ops 5.8. Do you have any insight when you map vCenter Virtual Machine IDs to vCenter Hyperic Platforms in the Hyperic UI as described here:

    Must this be done before you continue with the vcops – Hyperic integration? Can’t get it to work
    For more context see:

    Thank you for a great tech tip!
    Erik Alm

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