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Improve Storage Intelligence with HP 3PAR StoreServ and vCenter Operations

Storage analytics are critical for managing small and large scale visualization deployments.   For HP and VMware customers, HP has built a great management pack for vCenter Operations.

HP StoreFront Analytics provides the vSphere administrator with dashboards to visualize and analyze HP 3PAR StoreServ data from within vCenter Operations Manager. Standard and custom operational dashboards ensure you gain deep insight and visibility into the health, risk, and efficiency of the performance and capacity capabilities of your HP 3PAR storage infrastructure.

The dashboards allow you to quickly view storage capacity, performance, and health information. You can troubleshoot scenarios that span virtual and physical layers, including the HP 3PAR StoreServ storage layer. HP StoreFront Analytics increases your productivity by actively analyzing the health of the VMs, data stores, and storage, and providing alerts. In addition, it rapidly identifies and troubleshoots potential problems to ensure a consistent, predictable quality of service.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Actionable intelligence from HP 3PAR StoreServ to automate manual processes
  • Visibility across physical storage and virtualized applications for rapid problem resolution
  • Enables optimal resource utilization for optimized cloud infrastructure performance
  • Visibility into key storage metrics, including volumes, pools and ports
  • Visualize VM relationships to physical storage volumes
  • Minimize performance impacts by quickly identifying performance hot spots
  • Custom dashboard summaries capacity information for optimal planning
  • HP StoreFront Analytics for VMware vCenter Operations Manager provides detailed HP 3PAR StoreServ health information for free, while advanced performance metrics and capacity information is captured and displayed during the included sixty-day evaluation period. The advanced metrics require the purchase of a license after the evaluation period to be displayed.

Key metrics that are available include:

  • Health for logical and physical components
  • Adaptive Optimization capacity distribution across tiers
  • Read and write IOPS
  • Response time
  • Queue Depth
  • Average IO Size
  • Throughput in KBPS
  • Utilization in Percent and Bytes

Preconfigured dashboards are included and highlight the key storage information used to rapidly troubleshoot performance problems and to quickly perform capacity forecasting and planning.


HP 3PAR StoreServ array information can be accessed from within VMware vCenter Operations Manager in several ways based on the selected object in the user interface. The following HP Storage dashboards help the user view detailed storage information on the selected object(s) in different ways:

  • HP Storage Monitoring Dashboard: Provides summary and detailed information about the HP storage system in the VMware vSphere environment, including HP storage system health, capacity information, top 10 resource utilization objects and HP storage system alerts.
  • HP Storage Troubleshooting Dashboard: Provides summary and detailed information about VMs and how they map to HP storage volumes, pools, disks and ports. The dashboard includes graphs for key performance metrics such as IOPS and bandwidth, which are displayed in relation to the selected object of the VMs to volume dependency graph.
  • HP Storage Performance Dashboard: Lists the top 5 resources that are being heavily utilized among the configured storage arrays.  The user can quickly tell which volumes are running out of space, which ports have high response time, or which disks are doing the maximum IOPS.

The included HP dashboards are provided as an easy way to quickly start viewing common storage metrics that are key to monitoring and analyzing infrastructure health. Customers can also utilize vCenter Operations Manager widgets to configure their own specialized views based on HP 3PAR StoreServ metrics.

HP StoreFront Analytics for VMware vCenter Operations Manager software is available from The downloaded installation package includes instructions on how to install it and has an instant on license so customers can begin using the software right away.

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