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Controlling vCHS usage with vCloud Automation Center

One of the advantages of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) is common management across both private and public cloud resources.   Learn how vCloud Automation Center helps improve the efficiency of your hybrid cloud deployment.

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With vCHS why do I need cloud automation?
One of the reasons to invest in cloud automation software like VMware’s vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) is to accelerate the delivery of IT services.  Many companies take service delivery times from multiple days down to hours and even minutes.  However, one of the advantages of using a public cloud like vCloud Hybrid Services is they take care of  automating the delivery so that you receive your resources in minutes.  You may be asking yourself;  if I’m using vCloud Hybrid Service, or any other public cloud provider for that matter why you need a cloud automation solution. Here are a few reasons to consider why cloud automation is important for any hybrid cloud deployment:

  • Will you exclusively use public cloud resources?
    Most companies will likely have both private and public cloud resources for the foreseeable future.  If you want to offer similar service level for your private resources as well as public usage you will need software to help automate the delivery process.
  • How will you control public cloud usage?
    Both private and public clouds have their place.  However, it is important to have controls over which applications and data are appropriate for public clouds and for compliance reasons where their data should reside.
  • How will you manage the efficiency of your cloud resource utilization?
    What controls are in place to limit resource over provisioning and the efficient reclamation and reused if inactive resources.

Adding Controls you your Hybrid Cloud

In a vCHS public cloud environment, vCloud Automation Center value has less to do with automating the Initial delivery of infrastructure service, because vCHS takes care of that for you.  vCAC does automate the delivery of multi-tier applications including orchestrating the dependencies  between the different component tiers.   It addition, vCAC’s policies enforce governance over who can provision public cloud resources and applications,  how much resources are appropriate and where the applications and data should live.  The granularity of our service entitlement policies allow IT to deliver personalized business relevant services that meet the specific needs of different groups as well as individual users.  Lease, archival and automated reclamation policies and workflows assure that inactive resources are reclaimed allowing companies to lower cost and driver greater utilization efficiencies.  vCloud Automation Center delivers a common automation and governance management framework across both private and public cloud resources allowing each company  to decide where it is most efficient for  their applications and data to reside.

Learn more about using vCloud Automation Center with vCloud Hybrid Services. 

Need help deploying your private cloud infrastructure or developing your business justification? Contact us and our experts can help your team build the business case and the solution that will maximize your IT productivity.  Follow us on Twitter: @vmwarecloudauto.  Subscribe to the VMware IT Management blog for exclusive content and updates.

Need help deploying your private cloud infrastructure or developing your business justification? Contact us and our experts can help your team build the business case and the solution to maximize your IT productivity.

For exclusive content and updates, follow us on Twitter @vmwarecloudauto and subscribe to our VMware IT Management blog.



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