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Now You Can Deliver Anything as a Service.

vCloud Automation Center 6.0. gives you the capability to rapidly deploy new IT services with a wizard-driven service designer.

The ideal cloud automation platform is one that can deliver any IT service on demand. With the vCloud Automation Center’s 6.0 release, we’re moving one step closer. vCloud Automation Center already provides standard capabilities for automating the delivery and ongoing management of applications, desktops, and infrastructure services.  All of these capabilities are available  by configuring purpose-built functionality to deliver personalized, business-relevant services to your customers. However, what if you want to deliver additional IT services not covered by our out-of-the-box functionality?

For example: what if you want to automate the delivery of all the tasks associated with onboarding a new employeee?  These can often include things like updating active directory, configuring mail account, providing access to internal systems, and a number of other tasks. vCloud Automation Center can help automate the delivery of this and other IT operations through our new Advanced Service Designer.

Advanced Service Designer
The Advanced Service Designer is a wizard driven approach to designing  the end to end process associated with delivering the service from the request through automated delivery.  These custom services can be published in the vCloud Automation Center catalog along with other application and infrastructure services. 

The wizard helps the administrator define the service delivery capabilities, user interaction and entitlements.   First, the administrator defines the automated workflow that will be used to deliver the service.  This could include existing VCO workflows and plug-ins as well as custom scripts.  Next, the wizard pre-populates request form  with information  that the workflow will need to configure and automate the delivery of the service being requested.  This is a simple to use WYSIWYG form designer with capabilities to allow sopisticated interaction with the requestor. Finally the administrator defines service entitlement policies including optional approval workflows if necesssary.  The Advanced Service Desigen will alow administrators to rapidly deploy new IT services leveraging VMware and partner supplied VCO workflows and plugins.  The services that will be able to be delivered are limited only by your imagination.

Like to learn more about vCloud Automation Center and how automating cloud service delivery can save cost while accelerating access to IT applications and resources.

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